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Master's Programme

Master's degree programme (onsite education)

The Master's Programme accepts those graduates of our Bachelor's Programme and other seminaries, who intend to become teachers at various theological educational institutions: seminaries, academies and theological colleges. In addition to males, the MThA Master's and PhD (Candidate for Doctor) programmes may also accept females (only for the History and Theory of Church Art Departments).


  • Male; The Department of History and Theory of Church Art accepts applicant of either sex;
  • Orthodox;
  • Возраст до 40 лет;
  • Single or in first marriage.

Срок обучения – 2 года. На кафедрах Библеистики, Филологии предполагается пропедевтический курс, срок обучения – 1 год. Пропедевтический курс не входит в основную образовательную программу. Он подготавливает студентов к продолжению учебы в магистратуре.

Education at the MThA is free of charge. Free dormitory and free meals are provided.

To enroll, applicants have to submit all required documents and pass their entrance exams.

 The pack of documents submitted to the Academy.

1.       Documents

  • Recommendation. Talk to your confessor. Ask him to write you a description of you: who you are, what kind of obediences you had in the parish, why you want to do things, and whom he sees you after graduation. Print it on the parish letterhead. Sign it in the confessor's presence and mark it with the parish stamp. Then ask the diocesan bishop to certify the recommendation. Or, you can ask the diocesan bishop write his own recommendation.

If you enroll immediately after receiving your bachelor's degree in a religious institution, the administration of that institution will give you a recommendation.

  • Identity and citizenship documentation. Foreign nationals: if the document does not contain information in Russian, provide a notarized translation.
  • Foreign nationals: passport.
  • A document that certifies the level of education установленного образца Foreign nationals: if the document does not contain information in Russian, provide a notarized translation.
  • autobiography  исключительно в печатном виде.
  • Baptismal Certificate, copy.
  • Marriage certificate, copy. For married applicants.
  • Church Marriage Certificate, copy. For married applicants.
  • Certificate of a Reader's tonsure (for readers), tonsure certificate (for monks), certificate of ordination to the rank of priest (deacon) and a copy of the last decree of the ruling bishop of appointment to a parish (for clergy).
  • 2 цветные фотографии формата 6×8. If you belong to the clergy, take a picture of yourself in garb that corresponds to your rank.
  • A medical report по форме 086/у с данными флюорографического обследования и профилактическими прививками.
  • An insurance policy of mandatory health insurance, issued at the place of permanent residence. For Russian nationals.
  • A Military ID or a certificate with a military registration mark. For Russian nationals.
  • Copies of documents that confirm the individual achievements of the applicant. The results of these achievements are taken into account when applying, if they comply with the Rules of Admission.

Для того, чтобы подать документы, вам надо будет зайти на внутренний портал МДА: , зарегистрироваться там, а потом загрузить все необходимые сканированные документы.

In case of any technical problems, please contact our technical support: После регистрации в вашем личном кабинете там будет доступен чат, где, в случае возникновения сложностей с подачей документов, можно будет задать вопросы.

2.       Entrance exams

Admission to the Academy is not granted without entrance exams. The entrance exams are as follows:

  • Собеседование
  • Department of Biblical Studies (specialization in Biblical Studies):



  • Department of Theology (specialization in Orthodox Theology):



  • Department of Applied Church Disciplines (профиль Современное каноническое право):




  • Department of Philology (specialization in Greek Christian Literature):


  • Department of Philology (specialization in Russian Religious Literature):


  • Department of Church History (профиль История христианства в новейший период)




  • Department of Church Art History and Theory (Specialization in Church Art History and Theory):




  • Medical checkup (mandatory for all)
  • Church signing audition. It would be helpful for you to prepare an audition piece. The audition does not affect the result of your entrance exam, but it does determine whether you will be in the choir or not.

Сроки приемной кампании в 2022 году:

завершение приема документов – 20 июля 2022 года

Первый этап

Вступительные испытания: с 6 по 9 июля;

Второй этап

Вступительные испытания: с 22 по 26 августа;

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