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Student Council

The Student Council of the MThA was established as a mutual initiative of the Academy administration and the student community and is a permanent consultative and representative body of the students.

The purpose of the Student Council is to ensure close cooperation between the administration, teachers and students of the Academy in the process of their theological education and religious upbringing.

The tasks of the Student Council are:

  • Representing student interests before the Academy Administration;
  • Assisting the Academy Administration in solving problems of students' life;
  • Analyzing students' problems in the Academy, determination of prospective ways for their solution;
  • Supporting creative initiatives of students;
  • Organizing extra-curricular activities for students.

Main activities of the Council.

To implement the above tasks, the Student Council carries out its work in the following areas:

  •  academic activities: promoting the development of independent academic thinking among students;
  •  cultural and social events: pilgrimage trips, visits to museums and theatres, visits to concert halls, holding cultural events in the Academy (film screenings, organization and holding of concerts and performances, organization of meetings with prominent cultural figures, etc.);
  • sport: Sporting events and recreational programmes;
  • choresassistance to the Academy's household services in the improvement of living conditions necessary for the health and effective education of students, interaction with the Cellarer's Service.

Council structure:

Chairman - Konstantin Murenetz (1st year student of the postgraduate programme at the MThA)
Secretary - Alexandr Karpov (1st year student of the bachelor's programme at the MThA)

Board members - Nikolay Savenkov (4th year of the Bachelor's Programme), Igor Myachin (4th year of the Bachelor's Programme), Bogdan Belashov (3rd year of the Bachelor's Programme), Mikhail Zhilyak (1st year of the Bachelor's Programme).

In addition, the board consists of two representatives from each class, chosen by the class itself.



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