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The release of the 3 (38) Issue of the "Theological Review"

The Publishing House of the Moscow Theological Academy has released the 3rd (38) issue of the scientific and theological journal "Theological Review" whose editor-in-chief is the Bishop of Zvenigorod Theodorite, Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy. 

A new 2020 issue contains 16 articles and a number of reviews. Among the published authors there is a graduate student of the Moscow Theological Academy the Metropolitan of Kostroma and Galich Ferapont (Kashin). Also there are representatives of such theological educational institutions as All-Church Postgraduate and Doctoral studies, Orthodox St. Tikhon’s State University, Orenburg and Perm Theological Seminaries.

The Biblical Studies section contains a Mikhail Skobelev’s article "The Prologue of the Book of Genesis 1, 1 - 11, 26: Prophetic Revelation, History, Myth or Metahistory?" and an article by I.A. Khangireeva "Documentary hypothesis of the Pentateuch origin in the works of Gerhard von Rada".

The "Comparative Theology" section presents an article "The Role of Archpriest Yevgeny Popov in Strengthening the Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue," by Hierodeacon Yaroslav (Ochkanov). The research is based on letters from Archpriest Eugene to the chief prosecutors of the Holy Synod N.A. Protasov and A.P. Tolstoy.

The "Patrology and Eastern Christian Literature" section contains some articles such as "Θεωρία in the ancient Greek Christian exegetical literature" by Archpriest Boris Timofeev, "The Creation of Man in the Image and Likeness of God in the Light of John Philopon’s Anthropological Views in the Context of Byzantine Literature" by A.G. Nakaidze and A.D. Makarov’s study on “Spreading the First Collection of St. Isaac the Syrian’s Works outside the Eastern Church. Part I: History of the study".

The section of "The Russian Orthodox Church History: the pre-revolutionary period" contains an Archimandrite Macarius’ (Veretennikov) article "Monthly Memories of the Russian Orthodox Church"; "The practice of awarding the Russian Orthodox Church clergy with liturgical awards in the XIX - early XX century" by A.A. Rudchenko and Priest George Bezik’s work on "The tasks of the military clergy during the First World War and methods of their solution.

The section " Church History: Contemporary Period" contains an article "The Moscow diocese from 1945 to 1961" by A.A. Kopylova in which an author gives an account of the ordination time, education, nationality and other characteristics of 356 clergymen of the Moscow diocese. The same section contains articles by Arsen Grigoryan “The Armenian Apostolic Church at the Time of N.S. Khrushchev "and priest Peter Panov" The contribution of Metropolitan Leonty (Bondar) to the development of the parish life of the Orenburg region in the 1960–1990s."

The "Hagiography" section contains an article "Minein (Milyutin) edition" The Legend of the Appearance and Miracles of the Theodorov Icon of the Mother of God in the 17th century" by Metropolitan Ferapont (Kashin) and “Theology of Holy Places in the Palestinian Hagiographers Works in the 6th – 7th Centuries: Themes, Origins, Tradition. Part II " by nun Catherine (Kopyl).

The "Russian Literature" section contains an article on "Eschatological Aspects of Orthodox Poetics. F.M. Dostoevsky's novel "Demons" by O. I. Syromyatnikov.

The "Classical Philology" section presents an article "The Laws" of Plato as a Relevant Context of the School Dialogue "Euthyphron" by Roman Solovyov.

The journal also includes two reviews on the "Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew" by priest Mikhail Yurov and on the M. Hengel and A.M. Schwemer’s book "Jesus and Judaism" by priest Andrei Vydrin.

The printed or electronic version of the journal is on purchase in an online store of the Moscow Theological Academy

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