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“Confirm, Lord, my shaken heart on the stone of Your commandments” - the end of the second day of Lent at the Academy

On March 3rd divine services of the first week of Great Lent were held in the academic church of the Intercession of Theotokos.

Hymns and prayers of the day encourage the Christians to care more about their souls and call for repentance: 

I have sinned, Lord, have sinned before Thee, have mercy on me, for there is not such a sinner among men whose sins outnumber mine».

During the period of Lent, the Church prays profoundly for all the deceased. A memorial lithium is served on weekdays after vespers. Today in the Intercession Church, it was performed by the bishop of Zvenigorod Pitirim.

On Tuesday at the Great Compline, the rector of the Academy read the second part of a canon of St. Andrew of Crete.

Its verses set all the faithful in repentance and guide them to the true Source of life Who is Jesus Christ:

I found the source of life in You, the Destroyer of death, and before my end I cry to You from my heart: I have sinned, but be merciful, save me».

At the end of the Great Canon, a fourth-year student Vadim Uzun delivered a sermon in which he talked about a nature of sin:

Sin, brothers and sisters, is the harm that I do to myself. But how to start fighting against it? First of all, you have to realize that you cannot live like that any longer and tell yourself that you do not want to mess up with sinful things and you want to be like Christ, you want to be with Him. This will be the first step to salvation. I mean the salvation as a meeting with God, who is the Doctor of our souls and bodies».

Background information: 

Утреннее богослужение в Покровском академическом храме совершил архимандрит Платон (Игумнов). Ему сослужили: диаконы Стефан Мартенюк, Ярослав Геращенко, Димитрий Бельняк, Димитрий Лукаченков.

На утреннем богослужении пели второй академический хор под управлением Дмитрия Михалёва и третий академический хор под управлением Серафима Мороза.

Вечернее богослужение в домовом храме Академии совершил епископ Звенигородский Питирим. Ему сослужил архимандрит Иларион (Форкавец).

На вечернем богослужении пели второй академический хор под управлением Виталия Чувилова и третий академический хор под управлением Серафима Мороза.

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