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The Academy celebrated the first day of 2023

Very soon the world will sing Christmas hymns praising the inexpressible Mystery of the Incarnation of God. 

The Creator of the universe is coming to be born in our hearts, as He was once born in Bethlehem of Judea. He is coming to share our pain and sufferings, heal our wounds and sacrifice His life for us. The love of Christ has no bounds. It penetrates into the very depths and darkness of hell bringing Adam back.

The “Genesis of Jesus Christ,” which the Church reads today shows how God loves the world and people despite their weaknesses. He wanted to become our Neighbor, to join us with Himself by family ties, to share bread and shelter with us.

Now the Christian heart is expecting a great event. Sunday, which starts a new year 2023, prepares us for a meeting with Christ. What can we bring today as a gift to God?

All we can do is thank God for His grace and Divine love revealed for us.

On January 1, Sunday of the Holy Fathers, Archimandrite Platon (Igumnov) performed the Divine Liturgy at the Intercession Academic Church co-served by the academic clergy.

At the special prayer petitions about the Fatherland and the Russian army were lifted up. After the litany, a prayer for Holy Rus' was read.

After the Sacrament verse, Peter Trofimov, a second-year Master's student, delivered a sermon, in which he spoke about the joy that filled righteous people’s hearts in the Old Testament, who were blood relatives to Lord Jesus Christ. Their joy was not temporary, because God was its Source.

The day before, on December 31, Archimandrite Platon led an All-night Vigil at the Intercession Church for co-served by teachers and student in the priesthood.

After the Matins, the clergy sang some prayers at the beginning of a new year.

Background information:

Clergy served at the all-night vigil: Archimandrite Platon co-served by Archimandrites Hilarion (Farkovets), Luka (Golovkov), Simeon (Tomachinsky), Abbots Adrian (Pashin), Gerasim (Dyachkov), Hieromonk Barnabas (Losev), Abbot Melety (Sokolov), Hieromonks Theodore (Yulaev ), Cassian (Flat), Damian (Voronov), Boris (Zelyuchenko), John (Merzlyakov), Mikhey (Kopytov), ​​Athanasius (Italo), Deacon Dimitry Maslov, Hierodeacon Ioanniky (Padzhan), Deacon Daniil Lyanov. 

Clergy served at the Divine Liturgy: Archimandrite Platon co-served by Archimandrites Hilarion (Farkovets), Luka (Golovkov), Simeon (Tomachinsky), Gerasim (Dyachkov), Hieromonk Barnabas (Losev), Hegumen Melety (Sokolov), Hieromonk Theodore (Yulaev), Priest Dimitry Baritsky, Hieromonks Cassian (Flat), Boris (Zelyuchenko), Mikhey (Kopytov), ​​Athanasius (Italo), Deacon Dimitry Maslov, Hierodeacon Ioanniky (Padzhan), Deacon Daniil Lyanov 

Chanting performed by choirs under the conduct of E.V. Borovinsky and a 3rd year undergraduate student Ivan Bondaruk.

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