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Associate Professor of the MDA spoke at the XXV John Readings at the Samara Theological Seminary

On October 9, Archpriest Alexander Zadornov, Associate Professor, Head of the MThA Department of Church Practical Disciplines, took part in a remote session of the XXV John Readings organized by the Samara Theological Seminary.

In his report on a "property" concept in the seventh chapter of the "Foundations of the Russian Orthodox Church Social Concept ", archpriest Alexander analyzed its connection with some basic concepts of a Christian comprehension of the property nature in historical retrospective. He considered property as a theological and legal concept regarding the Russian Orthodox Church modern normative acts. "Fundamentals of the social concept" especially declare the Orthodox answer to the problem of overpriced interest and the criteria of a fair price, set by medieval scholastics, as well as a rights related to church property that nowadays determine the status of church property.

Separately, the speaker dwelled on changes in the meaning of the "property" concept spreading both on intellectual and personal property. Today, an owner has to undergo a serious rethinking in terms of the right "to alienate, consume, change or destroy property objects." For example, a case of the library ownership and electronic information systems at the Russian Orthodox Church theological educational institutions.

A unification might be a right way out of a dubious legal ownership situation”, said archpriest Alexander. “It can help educational institutions and scientific organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church to create their own digital content, streaming services and online libraries, which are increasingly in demand both now (regarding distance learning conditions at the epidemiological self-isolation) and in the future. Actually, it will become a useful tool for the good of our Church mission»., — завершил свой доклад прот. Александр, — может стать объединение усилий по созданию образовательными учреждениями и научными организациями Русской Православной Церкви собственного цифрового контента, потоковых сервисов и онлайн-библиотек, которые всё более востребованы как в настоящий момент (дистанционное обучение в условиях эпидемиологической самоизоляции), так и в перспективе — как еще одно актуальное средство для миссии нашей Церкви».

Scientific articles based on the reports of the conference are to be published in a collection of scientific works of the Samara Theological Seminary.

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