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The 7th issue of the scientific journal “Church Historian”

The MThA publishing house has released the 7th issue of the scientific journal “Church Historian”. The editor-in-chief is Professor Alexey K. Svetozarsky, Head of the Church History Department.

The issue reflects research on History of the Christian faith, History of the Russian Orthodox Church, World History, as well as publishing archive materials. 


  1. "The Conversion of Emperor Constantine the Great to Christianity". Priest Maxim Merkulov;
  2. "The Life of St. Avraamiy Chukhlomsky (Galichsky): Research, Sources and Materials". Priest Oleksiy Petruk;
  3. "History of a venerated icon of the Mother of God "Smolensk" from the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir based on the materials of the State Archives of the Vladimir Region". Priest Ilya Voronkov;
  4. "Missionary activity in the Chuvash region from 1739 to 1797". Hieromonk Zotik (Grigoriev);
  5. "The living expenses on students of theological schools in the Ryazan diocese during the reform of theological education in 1808-1814". Vasily Aleksandrovich Yurin;
  6. "Early Works and Publications of St. Theophan (Govorov) in Church Periodicals". Hieromonk Tikhon (Zubakin);
  7. "History of the Resurrection of Christ church-monument in Sergiev Posad". Hieromonk Gury (Gusev);
  8. "The parish clergy of the Oryol diocese before the February Revolution in 1917". Priest Pavel Artsabovich;
  9. "Biography of Hieromonk Diomid (Egorov) based on materials from the archive of Priest Pavel Florensky". Priest Daniil Goryachev;
  10. "Skopinsky Dimitrievsky Monastery: the latest period of history". Hieromonk Evfimy (Danilov);
  11. “St. Katherin’s Cathedral in Krasnodar in the 40-50s of the XX century based on materials from regional archives. Archpriest Pavel Romanenko;
  12. "The Parish Clergy of Northern Kazakhstan in the context of the New Course of the Confessional Policy of the Soviet State (1940–1950)". Priest Mikhail Berezin;
  13. "The issue of the Church attitude to the fall of autocracy in Soviet Historiography: a conflict of approaches". Priest Akmal (Philip) Islomov;
  14. "Anti-religious propaganda in the “Science and Religion” journal during the period of Khrushchev's persecutions" Serafim Alekseevich Secretary;
  15. “V.I. Rudich’s memories from the Collection of Separate Documents and Memoirs of White Emigrants of the Russian Federation State Archive as a Source for the History of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1917–1920s. Priest Pavel Efremov.

The authors are members of the Moscow Theological Academy and other educational institutions and scientific organizations, as well as students of the Department.

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