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The Academy celebrated Thomas’s Sunday

On May 8 and 9, the clergy of the Intercession Church of the Moscow Theological Academy performed festive services on Thomas’s Sunday. During the Divine Liturgy, they prayed for the repose of soldiers who died for their Motherland in the Second World War.

Next Sunday after Easter, which is in Greek called "Antipascha", means "instead of Easter". It is also dedicated to Apostle Thomas, who was absent when the Resurrected Savior appeared in front His disciples. The apostle doubted the fact and was convinced only after he personally touched the wounds of Jesus.

On May 8, Bishop Theodorite, Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy, officed an all-night vigil at the Intercession Academic Church co-served by teachers and students in the priesthood.

Before reading Kathisma, Mark Kuzevanov, a 3rd year undergraduate student, delivered a sermon. 

When there is love in our heart, there is no place for fear, and when fear gets in it, then there is no place for love. The fear destroys a person, because it ruins all our faith and hope. A person may worry about losing his beloved one or offend him, but this is only a sign of our “imperfect love” or codependency. If we really love, we will not offend him anyway, so there is no place for fear. God's providence wisely rule our lives, however, we do not usually understand it».

On May 9, Archimandrite Benedict (Knyazev) celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Intercession Academic Church. 

At the litany, special prayers for the fallen soldiers were raised.

After the litany, Hegumen Melety (Sokolov) raised a greeting prayer for the Victory in the Second World War.

Then the deacon proclaimed a funeral litany in memory of all fallen soldiers.

Before the Communion, Deacon Ioann Penkov, a 3rd-year undergraduate student, delivered a sermon.

The Lord sacrificed Himself for us. It makes the foundation of our faith and differ T Christianity from other religions. Our soldiers had fulfilled God’s commandment of love for men sacrificing themselves so that we could live with you. If we want to be real Christians, we have to thank God and our pious ancestors, who at the cost of their lives defended the world and our Fatherland from fascism. This gratitude should lie not only in memory, but also in our desire to live like a Christian according to God's plan and His commandments».

Background information:

Chanting performed by male choirs under the conduct of Hieromonk Nestor (Volkov) and V.V. Chuvilov. 

During the Divine Liturgy, a female choir sang under the conduct of K.A. Alekseeva..

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