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A new issue of a students’ magazine "Vstrecha"

The Publishing house of the Moscow Theological Academy has released a 43rd issue of a students’ magazine “Vstrecha” established in 1996.

In a section "The Crisis of Faith" there are some articles on understanding the feeling of Godforsakenness and finding a Christian life path in a modern secular world.

The 43rd issue opens with a translation of Hieromonk Seraphim’s (Rose) article "How to cultivate an Orthodox worldview" done by a student of the Academy Nikolay Craigl. This conversation is the last piece of work done by Hieromonk Seraphim, who died a month later on September 2, 1982, which sets out his life experiences and instructions.

The next article, "The Crisis of Faith: 1605" by Yuri Shagovykh, a 2-year undergraduate student, examines the idea of Godforsakenness using a specific historical example. The author analyzes consequences of events that led to the Time of Troubles is Russia at the end of the 16th - early 17th centuries.

The section concludes with a review on Victoria Smolkin's book "A Holy Place Is Never Empty: The History of Soviet Atheism" by Archpriest Alexander Zadornov, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Theological Work and Head of the Department of Church Practical Disciplines. According to Archpriest Alexander, "the book represents the first scientific history of Soviet atheism from 1917 to 1991, reveals the significance of atheism for a religious life, the communist ideology and Soviet politics".

The section "The Voice of the Old" is dedicated to pre-revolutionary spiritual journalism. It presents a translated extract of a letter "Consolation to suffering Christians by Savior’s words to apostles in a storm: It’s me!" published in the 5th issue of the journal "Spiritual Conversation" in 1861. This letter written by an unknown English author discusses some spiritual issues associated with the troubles of life, vanity, and the love of God, Who do we call for help.

The section "To the End of the Earth" presents an interview with Archpriest Daniel Andreyuk, representative of the Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate in America. Having lived and served for seventeen years in Alaska, Archpriest Daniel spoke about the current state of the Orthodoxy in remote cities and gave his instructions to future missionaries.

The section "Questions of Divine Services" presents Maxim Ivanishchev’s article “The Obvious Becomes a Secret: The History of the Discussion on Reading Secret Prayers”. The author examines Eucharistic prayers in their historical perspective from reading them aloud to the prohibition to read them at all. Also, he gives an account of some discussions about the possibility of reviving ancient practices and ways of solving this liturgical issue.

The magazine concludes with two small sections "Mockery in Words" (an explanation of difficult expressions in the 89th Psalm) and "Creativity" including students' poems.

The magazine “Vstrecha” is available on an official site of the Moscow Theological Academy Publishing House For further questions please contact an e-mail of the store:

The MThA Press Office



Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз)

Как воспитывать в себе православное мировоззрение

Юрий Шаговых 

Кризис веры: 1605 год

Archpriest Alexander ZadornovArchpriest Alexander Zadornov 

Рецензия на книгу В. Смолкин «Свято место пусто не бывает. История советского атеизма»


Утешение страждущим христианам из слов Спасителя к апостолам во время бури: Аз есмь!


Схиархимандрит Иустин (Рауэр)

От чувственного колодца Иаковля — к воде живой; от неразумного зноя страстей — к богоразумию


Интервью с протоиереем Даниилом Андреюком

Православие на Аляске


Алексей Махоньков

О добродетели мужества

Илья Рязанов

Жизнь во Христе — это всегда работа над собой


Павел Валерьевич Герасимов

Литературоведение и библеистика: pro et contra

Алла Анатольевна Новикова-Строганова

Отцовский завет Н.С. Лескова


Максим Иванищев

Явное становится тайным: история дискуссии о чтении тайных молитв


Алексей Махоньков, Пётр Трофимов

Яко паучина поучахуся


Александра Серова, Пётр Трофимов

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