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Representatives of the Moscow Theological Academy took part in the working group "Churches in Europe" at the Russian-German Forum "Petersburg Dialogue"

On September 30, 2022, representatives of the Moscow Theological Academy took part in a working group "Churches in Europe" at the "Petersburg Dialogue" forum.

The event was attended by Archimandrite Philaret (Bulekov), Deputy Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Co-Chairman of the working group "Churches in Europe"; Archpriest Sergiy Zvonarev, Secretary for Far Abroad Affairs; Archpriest Vladimir Hulap, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Church and Practical Disciplines at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy; Priest Ilia Makarov Chairman of the Department of Religious Education and Catechesis of the St. Petersburg Diocese; Priest Ilia Kosykh, Head of the Communication Service; Priest Vyacheslav Zavalny Assistant of the St. Petersburg Branch; Hierodeacon Alexy (Ochkanov), Member of the Secretariat for Far Abroad Affairs, V.I. Petrushko, Professor of the Department General and Russian Church History and Canon Law at the PSTGU; G.S. Bitbunov, Referent of the Lipetsk diocesan administration.

Deacon Dmitry Serov, Director of the Publishing House, and M.V. Pervushin, Associate Professor at the Church History Department and the Philology Department, presented the Moscow Theological Academy.

At the meeting they discussed developing of the cooperation in a working group "Churches in Europe" taking in consideration current relationships between Russia and Germany. The main aim of the "Petersburg Dialogue" forum was to outline an action plan and further working prospects for the near future.

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