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“The Savior Has Appeared showing His Grace and Truth in the Jordan waters”. The Academy celebrated the Theophany

"The river Jordan, are you aware of Who are you taking in your arms and why are you turning back? Why do thy streams rejoice and raise their voices? Why do mountains and hills gallop, and trees joyfully applaud their branches?"

You have taken accepted into your streams the leader of Israel, Jesus the son of God. That’s why, your waters are turbulent. The Savior came to lead His people from death to life.

In waters of the Jordan river all watery nature was consecrated. God renews our nature and frees Adam from an ancient curse. 

On January 18, the Bishop of Zvenigorod Kirill, Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy, officiated an All-Night Vigil with the Grand Compline and the Polyeleos Matins. At the end, Bishop Kirill led the festive Litiya and blessed the bread. 

On January 19, the Bishop of Zvenigorod Kirill celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Intercession Academic Church.

After the prayer behind the ambo, the clergy performed the rite of the Great Water Consecration.

At the end of the service, Bishop Kirill addressed an assembly with his archpastoral word. 

Background information:

Clergy served at the All-Night Vigil: Bishop Kirill co-served by Archimandrites Benedict (Knyazev), Platon (Igumnov), Hilarion (Forkavets), Luka (Golovkov), Simeon (Tomachinsky), Abbots Gerasim (Dyachkov) and Lazar (Gnativ), Archpriest Sergiy Zabelich, Hieromonk Varnava (Losev), priests Dimitry Baritsky, Valery Dukhanin, hieromonks Cassian (Plosky), Georgy (Pimenov), Mikhey (Kopytov), ​​deacons Dimitry Maslov, Nikolai Goyuk, Roman Vinnikov, Miodrag Radovanovich.

Clergy served at the Divine Liturgy: Bishop Kirill co-served by Archimandrites Venedikt (Knyazev), Platon (Igumnov), Hilarion (Forkavets), Luka (Golovkov), Simeon (Tomachinsky), Abbots Gerasim (Dyachkov) and Melety (Sokolov), Archpriest Sergiy Zabelich, Hieromonk Barnabas ( Losev), Priest Dimitry Baritsky, Hieromonks Cassian (Plosky), Georgy (Pimenov), Mikhey (Kopytov), ​​Deacons Dimitri Maslov, Nikolai Goyuk, Roman Vinnikov, Miodrag Radovanovich.

Chanting performed by choirs under the conduct of S.P. Borovinskaya and K.A. Alekseeva.

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