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Кафедра филологии

The Department of Philology exists in the structure of the Moscow Theological Academy since 2003. Since that time Professor Vladimir Mikhailovich Kirillin has been the head of the Department of Philology.

The Department employs 42 people: 5 professors, 6 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 14 lecturers, 9 assistants, 2 researchers and 1 secretary.

The area of the departments interests and professional responsibility in the bachelor's, master's and postgraduate studies includes modern foreign languages (English, French, German, Modern Greek), ancient languages (ancient Greek, Latin, Old Slavonic, Church Slavonic), modern Russian language, history of Russian literary language, Russian as a foreign language, stylistics of Russian language, history of Russian secular and spiritual literature of XI-XX centuries, History of World Literature, History of Byzantine Literature, History of Hagiography as a section of Christian Literature, Introduction to Literature, Texology, Introduction to Linguistics, Homiletics, Rhetoric, Speechwriting and some other disciplines related to Slavic and Byzantine Studies.

The Department thus ensures the implementation of the main educational programmes of higher education in the following areas of training:

1) 48.03.01 Theology, specialization in "Practical Orthodoxy Theology" in the bachelor's degree programme;

2) "Training of ministers and religious personnel of a religious organization", specialization in "Greek Christian Literature" in the master's degree programme (professor, candidate of theology, hegumen Dionysius (Shlenov);

3) "Training of ministers and religious personnel of a religious organizations", specialization in "Russian spiritual literature" in the master's programme (Head of the specialization, Associate Professor, Candidate of Theology, Priest Demitrius (Baritsky);

In addition, the department offers the preparatory one year programme of the bachelor's degree, a propaedeutical course of Christian literature for the two above mentioned specialization. It also works with the Distance Learning Department of the MThA.

The Department prepares graduates of the bachelor's, master of theology and candidate of theology level within the framework of two academic directions: "Works of ascetic literature of Byzantium (IV-XIV centuries): research, publishing, translations" and "Reception of Christian culture in Russian literature".

Teachers of the department hold academic conferences on Russian and Slavic philology every two years under the general name "Sacrament of the Word and Image", inviting specialists from different Russian universities and theological educational institutions. Works of these conferences are published. Besides, two times a year the department organizes student conferences for students and graduates of the Department. The Department published two journals: "Metaphrast" (under the auspices of the specialization in "Greek Christian Literature") and "Word and Image" (under the auspices of the "Russian spiritual literature" specialization). These journals contain the results of the academic work of both employees and students of the Department of Philology.

The department consists of two doctors of philology (A. A. Volkov and V. M. Kirillin), one doctor of theology (B. A. Nelyubov) and one doctor of culturology (D. V. Makarov), as well as candidates of theology. Two thirds of the members of the department have higher secular special education, and the rest are graduates of higher theological educational institutions. Some of the faculty members have completed internships abroad.

The works of the teaching staff of the department are diverse. First of all, it should be noted that the instructors combine their duties at the Academy with their work at secular institutions - at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Moscow Pedogogical State University, the A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences and other universities, including foreign ones.

Many teachers are not limited to teaching, but are also involved in academic research and work on teaching aids, public science and social church activities.

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